Asia YES Brand Award 2015

Slogan: Branding is everything that people see and feel about a company


  • Developed and managed brand effectively through brand initiatives
  • Brand Strength in the minds of distributors / consumers
  • Commitment share showing how a brand encourages consumers / distributors to buy that brand in the future



Winners for Asia YES Brand Award 2015

Phyto Science Sdn Bhd,Zrii Malaysia Sdn Bhd,Organo Gold International Sdn Bhd,

WOW Mobile Sdn Bhd,Kua Jie International Sdn Bhd,Jeunesse Global Sdn Bhd,

Maju Primus Sdn Bhd,3L Generation Sdn Bhd,CWD Marketing Sdn Bhd,

Cambio Group Sdn Bhd,CVI Link Sdn Bhd,doTERRA,

DNA Global Sdn Bhd,Qivana Malaysia Sdn Bhd,Kang Ci Sdn Bhd