" MLM Golden Midas" competition is audited by CWICS (CW Integrated Consultancy Services) and legally advise by Ho & Tee legal firm, The competition will be judged by a panel of independent judges to ensure all nominated entrepriese are evaluated professionally and equitably.

Judge selection has to seize the consensus principles, uphold the rigorous selection process will closer attitude, This award is to establish "the best credible business awards" image, hopinh to become outstanding business indicators. CWICS is responsible for reviewing all the nominees' information, alllowing it easier to the judging panel when making decisions.

CWICS checks carefully the information of the finance for future development and research proposed at nominator and where necessary, to ask for more nominator audit information in order to audit every nominator fairly. Since all the nominees considerable strengths will consider as the biggest challenges on decision.

The nomination" MLM Golden Midas Festivao and Award" companies must be incorporated companies, participating companies must be proposed in the audited financial report and the results need to reach eacah category specified requirements and must be proposed 2014-2015 financial year which is audit report for the latest three financial years. If the financial years ending on or before May 31, audited report proposed by 2014-2015 financial year.


The Panels


1) Dato' Seri Talaat Bin Haji Husain DDSA, SPMP, DPCM, DPMP, JSD, PJK, PJM

Former Secretary-General of Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs


Mr. Tai Sing Ng

Former Member of the Legislative Assembly of Perak


Dr. Mahadevan Ph.D.

Principle Consultant of DB Dynamic Consultancy



International Corporate Training Consultant

Former officer of UNITED NATIONS for 10 years based in Cambodia, Timor Leste, Afghanistan, and Aceh Tsunami Relief


Dr. Sivaneswaran Poobalasingan MD (Malaysia)

Country Representative for the International Council of Integrative Medicine

Director of Integrative Medicine at Amrita Integrative Health Centre (AIHC)


Ms. Caroline Ang

Chartered Accountants

Partner, CW Integrated Consultancy Services

Legal Advisor

Mr. James Ho

Messrs Ho & Tee, Advocates & Solicitors