Why Participate?
This is both a “What to Do” and “How to Do it” convention. It is also a self-development training. By using the tools and know-how and experience and the wisdom of the successful BO (business owner) & contributor, the participants will fast learn what to do well, what need to improve upon, and what cannot even do poorly and should not doing at all. They will learn where they belong!   
MLM Industry Leader Gathering

5 Practices or skills to acquire to be an effective entrepreneurs
  • Managing your time
  • Focusing your efforts on making contributions 
  • Making your strengths productive
  • Concentrating your efforts on those tasks that are most important to result
  • Making effective decisions
What do you learn about leadership in Independent Entrepreneur Efficient Convention (IEEC)? 

Unleash your leadership potential ~ no matter who you are, you can lead – and lead well!

Do you know the

  • Development of a Leader?
  • Traits of a Leader?
  • Impact of a Leader?

Applying the concepts that have made other Leaders strong and

Learn how to:

  • Follow your vision and bring others with you
  • Product a lasting legacy
  • Grow the loyalty of your followers
  • Increase your ability to influence others
  • Empower others through mentoring
  • Create a foundation of trust
  • Use self discipline to improve your character – and your result