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Independent Entrepreneur (I.E.) Who Are Them?



Independent Entrepreneurs (I.E.) played an extremely important role in today’s global economics. A vibrant entrepreneur contributes to job creation and has always been a strong engine of economic growth.


An I.E. is a free man, totally free from company policies and regulations. He chooses his own work, time and life. His job specifications and modus operandi change continuously with new business development. His type of work encourages self-management and self-actualisation. In a nutshell, he works for himself.


Types of I.E.:

• Internet Trader
• Computer/Phone Repairer
• Stockbroker
• Recycle Business Owner
• SOHO Business Owner
• Finance Service agent
• Will writer
• Unit Trust Agent
• Insurance Agent
• MLM Distributor
• Real Estate Agent
• Transport Operator
• Trainer
• Consultant
• Business Builder
• Small Business Operator
• Fresh Graduates / School Leaver


Independent Entrepreneurs (I.E.) needs to put up high initial funding!!!

- More and more I.E. “enter and exit” the business too frequently
- Cannot afford the high cost of business
- I.E. business normally fades off faster
- Monopoly catalyses the “demise” of I.E.
- Inadequate pre-planning hastens the fall of most I.E.
- Most I.E. tend to be “laid back”, lacking ahead financial planning


As the simplest and weakest link in mainstream business, it is easier for an I.E. to both enter and exit a market. Therefore it is normal phenomenon to see big numbers of I.E. influx into and efflux out of a market at any given time. But we should be thinking of ways to help I.E. succeed and grow in business.




INTERNET is definitely a NEW business opportunity for I.E. with LIMITED capital.