2008 Entrepreneurs Conference

Mr. Liew Malaysia

Speech:Grab The Opportunity
Dr. Anne Lee Malaysia
Professor of Natural Healing Ph.D (A.M)

Speech: The Perfect Mindset of Enterprise
Mr Hong Taiwan

Speech: To Rebuild the Power Of Enterprise in 180 °

Mr. Lee Founder of Darwin Taiwan
Education Corp.

Speech: Human Contact & Money
Mr. Steven Ting Hong Kong
Founder of Dynasty Worldwide

Speech: From Crisis to Opportunity
Mr. Yang China

Speech: Managing Business System in global market.


Mr. Mike Ray USA
CEO of Team GLI

Title: Technology behind the Product.
Mr. Lim Yee Kheong Malaysia
CEO of Lexwel International

Speech: The Breakthrough of Franchising
Mr. Kelvin Lee Hong Kong
Executive President of GVCC International

Speech: Combination of 3 net, grabbing the opportunity of International Telecommunication

Mr Ho Malaysia

Speech: The New Stage of International Marketing
Mr. C.M.Teo Malaysia
Founder & Executive Director of AXTIVO

Speech: New Model of Marketing