About Us

Small and medium entrepreneurs play an extremely important role in today’s global economics. A vibrant entrepreneur contributes to job creation and has always been a strong engine of economic growth.

We organize an annual Conference and Trade Expo to assist Entrepreneurs to explore their international market opportunities in Malaysia-International via the 2008 International Trade Fair, Global Entrepreneurship Conference and Malaysia-India Economic Forum.

  1. The 2008 Global Entrepreneurship Conference is an international Entrepreneurs marketplace for networking, business matching and ideas and aspiration exchange.
  2. The 2008 International Trade Fair is a platform for Entrepreneurs to showcase their services and business solutions for the unique needs of Entrepreneurs.
  3. The 2008 Malaysia-India Economic Forum is a pioneer platform for the ASEAN SME and INDIA SME to explore and expand regional opportunities.


  • To create a platform for companies and organizations to exhibit products and services to support the development of small and medium entrepreneurs.
  • To establish a marketplace where small and medium entrepreneurs can explore business opportunity and exchange ideas.
  • To develop into trade platform for small and medium entrepreneurs all over the world.
  • To keep small and medium entrepreneurs abreast of latest market information and management strategies and leadership.


Expo: expected attendances over 20,000.
Conference: expected registered attendance over 2,000.
Forum: expected registered attendance over 1,000.


2008 Global Trade Expo: Free admission
2008 Global Entrepreneurs Conference: RM300 (Classic)
RM600 (VIP)
2008 Malaysia-India Economic Forum: RM480